Content & Thoughtful Ideas

OTR Trading (OTRT) is a full-service registered broker-dealer with a large team of experienced traders located in Westchester and Boston. At the very core of its strategy, OTR has modeled its trading business on content and thoughtful ideas. OTR endeavors to build relationships with all of its clients' trading desks. The firm feels it is imperative to bring succinct, reasoned and additive intelligence to its clients via the trading desk.

In conjunction, OTRT develops options and derivate strategies multiple times per day around its research ideas. In addition to executing options transactions, OTRT’s proprietary trading system monitors secondary market activity to identify spikes in volume, implied volatility and discrepancies in fair value.

The firm’s team of active traders (including an options specialist) offers a variety of investment choices, including stocks, options, derivatives, pairs, program trading (baskets), dark pools and algorithms. Trading relationships are based on trust and integrity. OTRT generates commissions through the quality of its information and trade executions.

Client Relationships
OTRT's senior trading staff averages more than 15 years in the business and exercises the highest degree of client confidentiality, anonymity and neutrality. Clients trust the firm's industry knowledge to complete complex orders using high-tech tools that deliver best execution, even in thin or illiquid securities.

Technological Strength
Orders are handled on a variety of platforms: Multiple ECN networks, DOT and NASDAQ workstations, Electronic Option Market Access, customized client interface and traditional broker relations.

Electronic Single/Basket Stock Trading
Clients can accumulate a position during a given time period with complete anonymity and receive price protection for trading a particular stock or basket and basket trades in a specified period of time. Clients can also take advantage of long and short balancing of a portfolio with continual market neutrality and volume-weighted average price (VWAP) trades.

Portfolio Monitoring
OTRT provides observation and identification of secondary market activity, including volatility and volume spikes in specific portfolios or sectors that clients would like to monitor.