October 5, 2021

ABI BB, BUD, SAM, TAP, KO, Mark Anthony Group Inc., STZ

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Sources and Background

15 U.S. beer distributors and buyers representing 29,267 accounts (4 represent top-25 retailers or distributors)

Repeat Sources 11 from OTR Global’s June report

Interviews Sept. 8–23

Averages Weighted according to the number of accounts each source represents

Bottle, Labor Shortages Limit Growth
U.S. beer volume yy trends during 3Q21 were limited by supply disruptions, bottle shortages and slower sales momentum for hard seltzers, despite improving on-premise sales.

  • Beer category 3Q21 volume sales through mid-September flat–down slightly yy (vs. flat–up slightly in 2Q21), limited by out-of-stocks, labor shortages
  • SAM’s 3Q21 volume sales up 19%–22% yy (vs. up 49%–54% in 2Q21), limited by tough comps, growing competition from ready-to-drink cocktails, supply problems with Twisted Tea;Truly sales decelerated qq for 8 of 11 sources
  • ABI BB’s 3Q21 volume sales down 2%–5% yy (as in 2Q21), hurt by supply gaps, weaker hard seltzer trends; Bud Light Seltzer sales fair for 4 of 6 sources, poor for 2 (deterioration vs. June)
  • TAP’s 3Q21 volume sales down 1%–4% yy (as in 2Q21), challenged by supply constraints, elimination of economy brands; Vizzy, Topo Chico Hard Seltzer selling well
  • Areas to Watch: 4 distributors anticipate substantial ABI BB price hike in January/February 2022 to offset rising materials, logistics costs; sources expect new Bud Light Seltzer Fall Flannel (September) and SAM’s Bevy Long Drink (November) to boost sales for hard seltzer, RTD categories
By Bill Becorest
Consumer Retail