April 14, 2020


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23 U.S. sources, comprising 7 endocrinologists (including 1 pediatric endocrinologist), 15 certified diabetes educators (CDEs) and 1 internal medicine specialist, representing more than 34,000 type-1 and -2 diabetes patients

17 from OTR Global’s January report

8 interviewed during March 13–27; 15 interviewed during March 31 through April)

Weighted according to the number of type-1 and -2 patients under each source’s care

Glucose monitors encompass continuous glucose monitors (such as Dexcom’s G5 and G6, and Medtronic’s Guardian Sensor 3 and Guardian Connect) and flash glucose monitors (such as Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre).

Telemedicine Lessens Coronavirus Impact

The pandemic’s effect on U.S. glucose monitors has been less severe than in other healthcare sectors, mainly because of the need to closely monitor diabetes patients and the addition of telemedicine.

  • New patients starting GM monitors down 27%–32% from pre-pandemic levels, but 2020 GM prescriptions expected up 13%–16% yy (only slightly below pre-pandemic estimates)
  • Telemedicine being used by 14 of 22 sources (9 combined with in-person visits, 5 exclusively), benefiting starts
  • 38%–41% of diabetes patients using DXCM’s CGMs; G6 gaining share for 17 of 21 sources, driven by insurance coverage improvements, resolution of supply issues; type-2 patients finding G6 more accessible
  • 49%–52% of diabetes patients using ABT’s Freestyle Libre; Libre continues to expand type-2 GM adoption, driven by its simplicity, factory calibration, low cost and pharmacy access
  • Area to Watch: New GM patient starts hindered by lack of manufacturer sales representative support during pandemic


by Beth Gilbert