October 12, 2021


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Sources and Background

23 U.S. sources, comprising 18 certified diabetes educators (CDEs) and 5 endocrinologists, representing more than 29,600 type-1 and -2 diabetes patients

Repeat Sources 14 from OTR Global’s July report

Interviews Sept. 23 through Oct. 4

Averages Weighted according to the number of type-1 and -2 patients under each source’s care

Strong CGM Demand Rolls On
U.S. endocrinology practitioners’ 3Q21 CGM starts grew qq and their 2021 forecasts
remained strong, as loosening insurance requirements and growing awareness continued to support adoption, especially in the type-2 diabetes market.

  • 3Q21 CGM starts up 2%–5% qq, at least met expectations for 20 of 22 sources; increasing in-office visits, rising vaccination rates aiding growth; telemedicine still helpful for CGM starts, follow-ups
  • 2021 CGM starts expected up 21%–24% yy (similar to July) aided by expanding CGM awareness; elimination of CMS’s SMBG testing requirement, especially helpful to type-2 adoption
  • DXCM’s CGMs prescribed to 58%–63% type-1, 30%-35% type-2 patients starting a CGM; DXCM gained share qq for 14 of 22 sources, mainly from MDT (similar to July)
  • ABT’s Libre CGMs prescribed to 33%–38% type-1, 64%-69% type-2 patients starting a CGM; ABT gained share qq for 15 of 22 sources (similar to July), mainly among type-2 patients; lack of pump compatibility still constraining ABT in type-1 market
  • MDT lost share qq for 9 of 14 MDT prescribers (similar to July); sources remain concerned about accuracy, lack of Medicare coverage
  • Area to Watch: Sources welcome upgraded CGMs from ABT, DXCM, anticipated within 6–12 months, but less enthusiastic about MDT’s developmental CGM
by Beth Gilbert; Editor Sara Stahl