October 14, 2020


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31 service partners for AWS (27), Azure (25) and GCP (15) in North America (15) and Europe (16), comprising senior executives, strategy directors, marketing directors and key account managers, representing more than $1.4 billion in 2019 business with key public cloud providers (more than $803 million with AWS, more than $503 million with Azure and more than $109 million in 2019 business with GCP)
Repeat Sources 20 (10 each in North America and 10 in Europe) from OTR Global’s July report
Interviews Sept. 14 through Oct. 5
Averages Straight


Digital Transformation Buoys Demand

Faster migration to the cloud, increased consumption and the ongoing work-fromhome trend drove spending during 3Q20, giving many AWS, Azure and GCP partners confidence that they can meet or exceed their original full-year 2020 targets.

  • 2020 sales expected to meet (11) or exceed (6) pre-COVID forecasts for 17 of 29 partners (vs. 9 of 21 in July), helped by improving business confidence
  • AMZN: 3Q20 sales met or exceeded expectations for 18 of 25 AWS partners (vs. 12 of 20 in July), helped by increased marketing spending, new customer sign ups
  • MSFT: Government spending, services related to remote work helped 11 of 14 North American Azure partners meet or exceed 3Q20 expectations; 4 of 9 European partners fell below expectations, none exceeded because of limited activity by Azure to close new deals
  • GOOGL: Expanded partner incentives and more staff hiring by GCP strengthened European demand; North American growth partially attributed to willingness to accept small businesses
by Hartmut Leuschner