October 10, 2020


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18 U.S. and European buyers representing 4,082 doors

UNITED STATES 11 buyers (6 specialty retail chain and 5 independent retailers) representing 2,116 doors; WESTERN EUROPE 7 buyers (3 in Germany and 2 each in France and in the United Kingdom) representing 1,816 doors

REPEAT SOURCES 13 (7 U.S. buyers and 6 European buyers) from OTR Global’s July note

Sept. 3 through Oct. 5

Supply Issues Hinder Vans

Plan attainment for VF Corp.’s Vans improved during FY2Q21 in North America and Western Europe, but purchases were challenged by supply chain issues and rising competition from other canvas and comfort shoe brands.

  • Vans: North American FY2Q21 purchases down yy for 3 of 7 buyers, flat for 2, up for 2 (better vs. down for 5 of 7 in FY1Q21), helped by improving sales but hindered by fulfillment issues, rising competition; Western European purchases down yy for 5 of 6 (vs. 8 of 9 in FY1Q21), hit by delivery delays, competition
  • Timberland: North American FY2Q21 purchases down yy for 2 of 3 buyers (vs. 1 of 2 in FY1Q21), brand unable to regain footing; Western European FY2Q21 purchases down yy for all 5 buyers, hurt by less demand
  • The North Face: North American FY2Q21 purchases down yy for 4 of 5 buyers (vs. all 4 in FY1Q21), hindered by late fall deliveries
By Patricia Newman
Consumer Retail