March 15, 2019


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36 athletic shoe and apparel buyers representing more than 8,211 doors

NORTH AMERICA 12 buyers representing 1,759 doors; CHINA 11 distributors representing 1,183 doors; WESTERN EUROPE 13 buyers representing 3,394 doors (6 in Germany, 4 in France and 3 in the United Kingdom)

REPEAT SOURCES 30 (8 in North America, 10 in China and 12 in Western Europe) from OTR Global’s December report

INTERVIEWS First half of March AVERAGES Straight

NOTE OTR Global’s research does not include Nike’s direct-to-consumer sales, which is a point of growth emphasis for the company.

Nike’s FY3Q19 built on the strength of its premium channel offerings, with plan attainment strong in all regions, while entry-level and mid-priced footwear was regarded as much improved, especially for the second half of 2019.

  • North America: NKE FY3Q19 shoe purchases up 2%–6% yy (vs. up 1%–5% in FY2Q19), despite cold weather; sales met or exceeded plan for 9 of 12 sources (vs. 6 of 10 in FY2Q19); NKE continues to cancel wholesale orders, citing issues with finding enough capacity at factories
  • China: NKE FY3Q19 shoe purchases up 10%–14% yy (as in FY2Q19); shoe sales exceeded plan for 9 of 11 buyers (vs. 8 of 10 in FY2Q19); Nike, Converse and Jordan in strong demand as NKE caps order growth
  • Western Europe: NKE’s FY3Q19 shoe purchases up 7%–11% yy (as in FY2Q19); shoe sales exceeded plan for 4 of 11 sources (vs. 6 of 12 in FY2Q19); NKE continued to take share from ADS GR
By Lois Sakany
Consumer Retail