May 21, 2020

OTR Global’s China Recovery Series

OTR Global hosted a series of five monthly teleconference events focusing on China’s economic revitalization and consumer recovery following the COVID-19 outbreak. In the first discussion on Jan. 29, 2020 — in the middle of China’s lockdown and during the Chinese New Year holiday week — OTR’s China team focused its analysis and discussion on the implications for the global supply chain and direct impact on different industry sectors in China. OTR continued its narrative through subsequent monthly updates on reopening and recovery visibility across the industries and regions in China, and by proxy, a visibility trajectory for Europe and the United States.

Leading the effort, OTR’s Director of China Research, Meredith Sun, detailed the progress and challenges of reopening following the lockdown period in China and provided a comprehensive overview of the trends, sector by sector. This intelligence is grounded in ~1,200 interviews with industry sources in China across the different points of supply chain in the Consumer Retail, Cyclicals, Healthcare and TMT sectors, as well as insights and observations from OTR’s team of 20+ researchers conducting primary research on the ground in China.

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