OTR Global’s Event Series is designed to present differentiated, thoughtful and actionable ideas. As a natural complement to its research, OTR Global's events offer clients the exclusive opportunity to engage directly with its senior research leaders as well as other industry and thought leaders.  

Each OTR event is centered on an important investment opportunity or theme. The objective of these discussions is to explore and reflect on important industry trends and appropriate context around them, and help inform investment decisions. OTR Global’s clients have multiple opportunities to attend and participate in a variety of virtual and in-person events throughout the course of a year.

OTR ViewPoint® Events

Since 1995, OTR has continued to build relationships with industry thought leaders and assemble timely discussion forums with well-informed, thoughtful individuals from a variety of industry sectors along different points of the supply chain. OTR ViewPoint® Events are designed to provide clients with opportunities to experience compelling, creative and in-depth dialogue with OTR’s industry contacts.

OTR Global provides deeper connection points for clients into industry sectors through its ViewPoint Events, while building and strengthening relationships with industry sources.

Other OTR Events

OTR Global makes sure its clients are well-connected with its senior research leaders in a variety of ways, including its virtual and in-person conferences. Senior research leaders from OTR Global provide an overview of developing market trends and topical inflections, and the context to explain the “why” behind these developments, as well as areas to watch that can help inform investment decisions.

Our events frequently highlight promising innovations, disruptive trends and exciting new market insights. Clients are given the opportunity to engage via dynamic Q&A discussions that are part of every event.

Intelligence Through Interaction

OTR Global’s events are conducted in a mix of venues and formats around the globe, including but not limited to teleconferences and live video streams, as well as in-person dinners, lunches, one-on-one and group meetings, panel discussions and conferences, trips and more.

Compliance: All speakers are prohibited from discussing material non-public company matters or developments regarding any public company with any participants, including current or prospective investors. OTR Global's events team, along with the compliance department, ensures all marketing materials are current and comply with all regulations.

OTR ViewPoint® events are private. These events are provided for the benefit of the firm's clients. OTR Global does not disclose participants' identities to the media or in any other public forum.

OTR VIEWPOINT is a registered trademark of OTR Global LLC.