Who We Are

Founded in 1995, OTR Global (OTR®) is an investment research firm with offices in North America, Europe and Asia. OTR is a leading platform for primary research and one of the largest channel research firms servicing the institutional investment community. OTR was a leader in pioneering interview-based methodology; its research method is utilized by around 120 research personnel located in more than 10 countries and there are more than 20 countries in which we interview sources. The unique approach unites quantitative measures and qualitative responses to uncover inflection points and produce predictive results. OTR has developed a comprehensive base of industry sources and a deep understanding of complex, global product supply chains and distribution channels.

What We Do - Who We Talk To & Why

OTR aggregates, compares and contrasts extensive marketplace data and prepares research reports by aggregating information from nontraditional sources, comparing it with expectations and looking for dislocations or inflection points that provide investment opportunities for our clients. Sources are interviewed via telephone, typically on a quarterly basis, which subsequently provides the basis for OTR reports. OTR Global has long-standing relationships with large customers, suppliers, distributors, buyers, competitors and industry experts. These key decision makers provide timely, accurate and unbiased information. OTR Global is always developing new sources and adding to its existing research panels, as well as forming new panels. The principal idea behind OTR's panel group is to establish a substantial pool of specialists in specific market areas to provide continuity of information. That information is freely exchanged with sources in their respective industries to help OTR’s contributors better achieve their own business objectives.

OTR has industry sources in:

Argentina – Australia – Canada – Belgium – Brazil – China – Finland – France – Germany – India – Ireland – Israel – Italy – Japan – Mexico – Netherlands – Panama – Peru – Poland – Russia – Singapore – South Africa – South Korea – Spain – Switzerland – Taiwan – United Arab Emirates – United Kingdom – United States

Benefits of Becoming a Source

OTR Global's investigative reporters interview leaders and experts within many industries to get a unique understanding of industry strength, trends and issues. OTR shares this strategic information with its sources confidentially and free of charge. Participating sources receive a copy of the report to which they contributed on a time-delayed basis. OTR reports and the dialogue conducted between sources and reporters help our sources stay abreast of conditions within their industries. The investment community benefits from the intelligence generated by the OTR reporter-source relationship as a marketplace counterpoint to traditional Wall Street analyses. Most industries are covered on a quarterly basis, with additional monitoring as necessary.

  • Relationship based – Recognize the value of the source perspective and expertise
  • OTR Global’s researchers seek out sources who really understand the industry, company, products or services of interest
  • OTR Global’s researchers are truly interested in the topics they cover and recognize the value of the source perspective and expertise
  • Researchers have deep knowledge from continuously tracking your industry, talking to industry sources, and attending conferences
  • Researchers work to build strong, lasting relationships with sources providing reciprocal market information.
  • Conversations are strictly confidential.
  • Participants receive a copy of the finished report so they can learn what others in the industry are saying and be informed about broader industry trends.
  • Copy of report - click to see - provides background information of what peers are saying and seeing

OTR Compliance Safeguards/Protocol

OTR Global maintains a strict compliance protocol for interaction among researchers, sources and clients to assure ethical interaction with sources and to only provide information to clients that is appropriate according to financial regulatory standards.

OTR researchers who interview our sources are required to do the following:

  • At the outset, clearly identify themselves as employees of OTR Global
  • Clearly communicate they are conducting research on behalf of institutional asset managers
  • Inform the source of their duty in regard to material non-public information (MNPI) and any duties to their employer or other entity
  • Offer a copy of the report to the source on a time-delayed basis
The firm’s source copy of the report includes the following language on OTR’s expectations of its sources:
  • The source should not communicate material, non-public information (MNPI) to OTR
  • The source should not speak to OTR if to do so is contrary to the source’s other obligations including, but not limited to, their employer
  • OTR does not pay sources for information or to participate in research reports

OTR's Compliance protocol requires:

  • Clear identification of the company, purpose and intent of interviews is disclosed upfront
  • All sources are, in some form, informed of obligation to not violate a duty of trust and to not reveal information that is in breach of Material Non-public Information (MNPI) Policy
  • Aggregation of information; we are not an expert network and do not rely on one source
  • Source identity remains confidential, there is no direct attribution of individual sources
  • Reminder notices sent to sources annually