Consumer Retail. Cyclicals. Technology. Network Communication. Media.

European coverage is central to OTR Global's ability to find inflection points and track emerging markets involving U.S. and European companies through contacts with more than 800 industry sources. OTR also has established coverage in Eastern Europe in key markets, such as agriculture, media and heavy equipment.

  • Consumer Retail: Follow order, inventory, pricing and promotion trends as well as competitive positioning of brands across the footwear and apparel universe. Observe menu changes and pricing trends in the restaurant universe.
  • Cyclicals: Monitor CAPX spending plans, sales and orders, equipment and commodity prices, inventory levels and market share shifts as well as effects of changing environmental and import regulations in the truck and industrial equipment markets.
  • Technology: Explore demand trends, growth expectations and vendor share shifts across enterprise storage, software and other areas of technology spending.
  • Network Communications: Explore demand, pricing trends, vendor market share and new technology developments impacting mobile devices and networking equipment and components markets. 

European sources are located in more than 12 countries.